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Halo Baseball Club

Major Change in HBC Policy in its 13th year of operations

This announcement as set forth below is approval for a major change in Halo Baseball Club Policy in its 13th year of operations as a one of a kind 501c7 nonprofit with club designation as a 7 which owns the HBC League and its current four teams thereof as well as its World Series teams.

HBC was awarded on October 26, 2016 by MSBL for its amazing 12 years as one of a kind development program that also has huge success at the MSBL World Series. In 2016 HBC was the first ever of any of the worldwide MSBL organization that is very close to 70,000 annual members to have a league with four teams send three World Series teams. It was a daunting task and significant amount of hours, resources and commitments by those who planned, GM, managed, coached, played, washed the uniforms and etc. The success of sending (9) teams over a seven-year period and make the playoffs with (3) Championships, (4) Semifinalists, and (2) Quarter finalists is an amazing record by all who have been involved.

Therefore, as HBC is aging up and retirements are increasing the past several years by players, it is time to make a big shift. The HBC Board and the Angels have approved our changing our minimum age requirement with specific criteria. Therefore, a qualified and registered 2017 HBC Member can have only their son’s become members of HBC in 2017. All sons must turn 18 years of age in 2017. Those sons must however complete their HBC Membership application, pay $375 (first year members fee), complete the entire uniforms requirement and prove they have done so. A number will than be approved and issued for them in the uniforms process.

If they are playing high school baseball and/or college then they most likely could not be cleared to play during parts of the year. If they are playing then we need to see written permission of such playing period directed to our new VP of League Operation, Mr Paul Christie who is joining the Board as of 11/01/2016. We are still refining some of the operational issues such as the draft since a father is drafted and wants his son(s) on his team scenario, fathers and their son’s scenarios in the dugout and on the field. To be qualified for the draft the registration has to be completed on or before January 15, 2017 with full payment, application and proof of all the uniforms requirements in order process.

We are reassessing all of the 2016 into 2017 World Series Teams of what we may or may not change. We have a lot of time for this and announcements will be made in early April. Please do not assume what was is and what will be is not. We need to focus on the 2017 HBC Membership renewal, field contract, draft list to be eligible for the draft and for the Spring training practices and uniform compliances.

The club will close at (52) draft eligible for the 2017 HBC Renewal memberships and their sons and any over that will be on the draft list up to (60) maximum. Just like in 2016. Guys asleep at the wheel didn’t make the 2016 renewed membership. We are now 8 days from first cutoff date of November 15th for payment Plan C which is a three-month payment plan of $125. We are receiving 2017 HBC Membership renewals almost every day and this will snowball with this announcement. I talked with many of you at the BKWBI on Friday night and did not receive a single negative comment.

If you have a question on these matters, please contact Paul Christie and/or Lance Hoffman. But first read and do some due diligence before taking up their valuable time and resources.   Please contact to them directly versus a posting thereof.  Lance has an additional  new role as Special Assistant to the CEO. He has been really traveling around and was in the dugout of all three World Series teams, recruitment, Chair of BKWBI and has taken over the entire uniforms ordering process. Paul has entire league operations including the web site as it related to league and World Series, Desktop, IOS and Android apps. League Managers report to Paul. We are excited to see who steps up for 2017 on this HBC Membership change in year #13!!! Thank You

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