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Halo Baseball Club

Rod Shipman Steps Down From HBC

On 1/31/2022 Rod Shipman stepped down as the CEO and Chairman of Halo Baseball Club.  This announcement was brief, sudden and unexpected. 

Rod resigned stating, “Due to a variety of reasons and health issues as you all know which has impacted my energies, motivation, going forward is no longer an option for me.”

Rod requested that Mark Shipman be put forward as the CEO and Chairman, who was unanimously approved by the remaining board consisting of Greg Lund, Michael Niotta and Bill Torres.

Mark previously served a two-year term on the board as President from 2007 to mid 2009, handling day-to-day operations with the extensive help of the rest of the board during that time.

We want to thank Rod for all of his efforts over the last eighteen years.  Halo Baseball Club is not a reality if it were not for the extensive efforts and dollars he put towards the organization from the start.

Many members who were not around in the beginning may not know that this club was born out of a Fantasy Camp experience with the Angels.  Those few fantasy camps run in the 00’s needed a sponsor and came about because Rod wrote a check to sponsor them.  That sponsorship allowed HBC to use the Angels name and logo within our club.  It also helped to foster relationships between HBC and Angels Executive Management who at one time played with us on Sundays.  It is the impetus for our involvement in the Bud Kuhl Memorial Tournament at Angel Stadium.

Rod Shipman also helped bolster relationships with the Angel organization by sponsoring Angel charities early in HBC’s name during our formative years.

Among Rod’s many non-financial contributions have been countless hours tracking down fields, working with MSBL, organizing tournaments, chasing new members, coaching and leading HBC.  We are all very appreciative of those efforts.

The new HBC board looks forward to carrying on Rod’s legacy as continue to operate HBC for the current and future membership.


Mark A. Shipman

Chief Executive Officer / Chairman

Club News

Halos Win 2015 45+ MSBL World Series

By Lance Hoffman 01/26/2016, 5:30am PST

45+ Cactus Division - Inland Empire Angels 13, Utah Rockies 5
Rich Brito's complete game from the mound and Rob Penticoff's 2 RBI triple pushed the
Angels ahead in the first inning and they never looked back. Despite the Rockies' strong
efforts in the latter innings, they couldn’t put a rally together and fell 13-5 to the Angels.



HBC had a total of 9 HBC Members plus 7 guests for 4 foursomes participated in the Fullerton College Baseball Annual golf tournament on January 13, 2020.

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    2017Fullerton Baseball Golf Tournament

    2017 Fullerton Baseball Golf Tournament

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